Welcome to The Children’s Family Trust

The Children’s Family Trust (The CFT) is a Children’s Charity and Independent Fostering Agency established in 1945. With regional offices across the UK, we now work with more than 100 Local Authorities and support more Foster Carers and children than ever before.
"I was thrilled they allowed me to join the family. That's how it feels."
-Melanie, Foster Carer (West Midlands)
"They really care about their carers as well as the children."
– Gary & Dawn, Foster Carers (West Midlands)
"At the heart of the Trust is the importance of the child."
– Rachel, Foster Carer (South Central)
"The rewards are huge if you have Stickability."

– Lesley, Foster Carer (North East)

An Independent Fostering Agency with more than 70 years of experience

As we have developed as an organisation, we have remained committed to providing a high quality service which supports fostering households and puts children and young people first. As a not-for-profit fostering agency, we ensure that any surplus we make is directly re-invested into improving our services and enhancing the lives and futures of our looked after children.

Over the years, we have looked after many children and young people from diverse backgrounds with a variety of needs within our dedicated and committed foster families. Our aim is to achieve stability and security for our children and young people, helping them to develop their talents and skills, achieve their potential and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Without our amazing foster families we would not be able to provide outstanding fostering services to children. Our Foster Carers come from all walks of life and have varied experiences of caring for children and young people. We work closely with our carers to ensure that they have the right support & training to allow them to do the best job possible. It is their skill and commitment which delivers the good outcomes that many of our children achieve in our care.

Become a Foster Carer

Ever thought about Fostering? We want our prospective Foster Carers to feel that they have all the information they need to make the best decision for them.

Where We Work

The CFT is a National Fostering Charity with regional offices across the UK covering large geographic areas

Who We Are

The CFT is a Children’s charity and Independent Foster Agency with a wealth of history and heritage dating back more than 70 years.