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Who We Are

The Children’s Family Trust (The CFT) is a Children’s Charity and Independent Fostering Agency. With regional offices across the UK and more than 70 years of experience, we’ve got a great story to tell.

Our History

In 1945, our Founder, Paul Field, had a vision. He wanted all children to have the opportunity to have home where they could feel safe, supported and loved. Paul decided to leave his work with the Waifs and Strays Society to found The Children’s Family Trust and to take into his own family the same kinds of children he had looked after previously but now, however, they were to stay within his family for life – on equal terms with his own children.

Despite the struggle to provide for his own extended family, Paul had the desire to see a series of such ‘families’. Once, if barely, established, he set about finding other couples who shared his vision and who were prepared to take up his innovative approach in providing ‘Family for Life’ placements to children. To read more about Paul and his journey click here.

A Family for Life

For many years the ‘ethos’ and ‘strapline’ for The CFT had remained ‘a Family for Life’ representative of the primary placement type offered by the organisation.

Although our strapline has now changed, our ethos has remained very much the same and we regard ‘a family for life’ as representative of the commitment we make to any children that into our care, regardless of how long they are looked after by us. The CFT strives to support our fostered child or young person throughout their life, often into adulthood.

The CFT Today

Since 1945 The CFT has continued to grow and now operates out of four regional offices across the UK and works with over 100 Local Authorities. Further to this, The CFT is now supporting more Foster Carer’s and children than ever before and offers a wider range of placement types including Short Term, Long Term and Respite. The CFT also supports siblings groups along with Parent and Child placements.

Irrespective of this growth The CFT has remained committed to providing a high quality service which supports fostering households and puts the children and young people first. As a Trust our aim is to achieve stability and security for our children and young people, helping them to develop their talents and skills, achieve their potential educationally and therefore enabling them to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

To see how you can help children and young people by becoming a foster carer, please see our information page here.

How we are managed

As a Charity The CFT is managed by our Board of Trustees with the day-to-day decision making being delegated to the Chief Executive, Marina Mullholland. With this our Board of Trustees have an important role to play with respect to monitoring and regulating the functions of The Trust. Learn more about the role of the Trustees.

Reaching for Excellence

The work which The CFT undertakes is closely monitored and regulated and as such The CFT is open to inspection and scrutiny from a range of various sources, both internal and external.

As a Fostering Charity our offices are inspected by OFSTED. The latest OFSTED Reports for each individual office can be accessed by going through the respective office page.

In the work we do we endeavour to reach for excellence through regular consultation, involvement and engagement with our Foster Carers, children and local authority partners. Annually The CFT carry out a ‘Continuous Improvement Survey’. This is commissioned by our Board of Trustees and gives all stakeholders (inclusive of our Carers, staff and local authority colleagues) the opportunity to be involved. Information from the ‘Continuous Improvement Survey’ is used to further develop and improve the services provided to all of our stakeholders, especially our children.

Throughout our offices we have copies of their Customer Promise available and in addition to this continually welcome feedback. Any feedback received will be used to improve and develop the service we provide. To have your say, click here.

Our Charity

As a not-for-profit agency we reinvest our money into enhancing our services. Read more about our charitable status and how you can support us.


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