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Information for Local Authorities

As an Independent Fostering Charity we work to support children and young people placed with our Foster Carers in a range of varying placements. The CFT works within the Framework contract with many local authorities UK wide. However we can also provide spot purchase placements where requested.

Historically the ethos of The CFT was to provide ‘Family for Life’ placements. We use this title to refer to placements where children and young people are supported throughout their life (in placement) and often into adulthood (away from placement). Although we still offer ‘Family for Life’ placements, we also provide other placements types including Short Term, Respite and Specialist placements. In thinking about Specialist placements examples include Parent and Child placements and sibling group placements.

For more information on working with us please get in touch on 0300 111 1945 or click here to make an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Local Authorities we work with can be assured that The CFT:

  • Sets a particularly high standard for entrants to our Foster Carer team
  • Expects our Foster Carers to be professional in the work they do
  • Will visit Foster Carers a minimum of twice each month to provide Supervision and Support
  • Will support Carers in developing their knowledge and self-confidence through training and social work support
  • Undertakes a careful matching process
  • Encourages and support Foster Carers in gaining recognised qualifications
  • Encourages our Foster Carers to benefit from the wider support of local Foster Carer networks
  • Provides qualified social work staff with child care and child protection experience
  • Works in partnership with the Local Authority on each child’s care plan
  • Recognises the importance of education and support the child to achieve their true potential
  • Provides a round the clock Out Of Hours Service
  • Maintains and supports natural family relationships wherever appropriate and promote contact
  • Provides therapeutic support in agreement with the Local Authority where needed

Who We Are

The CFT is a Children’s charity and Independent Foster Agency with a wealth of history and heritage dating back more than 70 years.

Where We Work

The CFT is a National Fostering Charity with regional offices across the UK covering large geographic areas.

Our Charity

As a not-for-profit agency we reinvest our money into enhancing our services. Read more about our charitable status and how you can support us.

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