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Young Person’s petition wants the green light…

One of our Young People, Liam aged 16, has started a petition to get some sort of trafficking system on a busy road in Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Following the tragic death of a friend and work colleague in 2015, Liam is starting the petition in the hope that the government will put in some sort of crossing system by the West Midlands Safari Park to make the main road safer to cross. Liam had this to say:

I have crossed the road to get to work on the day and on the night so I know how dangerous it is crossing the road. People visiting the safari Park, who don’t drive have to cross the road with their children and it is unsafe for the public and the staff at the Safari Park. I don’t want any more people getting hurt or dying.”

Liam started the petition by logging onto the Government website and setting it up online. Liam expressed that this is a cause close to his heart and is hoping to get lots of support from the local community and the rest of the UK.