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Snug as a Bug…

CFT have been truly blessed by not-for-profit organisation, Woolly Hugs, who have been making blankets for some of our children in foster care.

The project titled ‘Snugs’ began in January 2018 with the intention of making blankets for the children in South Central region, but now nearly a year later – the team at Woolly Hugs and their online volunteers have started Phase 2 of the project and are now working on more blankets for children in our Midlands region to enjoy.

We caught up with the team at Woolly Hugs to find out more about their project and why they chose to make such beautiful blankets for the children of our organisation.


How did Woolly Hugs start and how long have you been operating for?


“Woolly Hugs was formally launched in September 2012 but we’d been around more informally for a couple of years before that, predominantly on the ‘Mumsnet’ forum.


Our initial projects were blankets for bereaved families but we had a need to create something more proactive and so Little Hugs were launched after hearing through a mutual friend about a project run through Great Ormond Street hospital, where tiny babies on their SCBU are given little homemade quilts and blankets. This channelled our desire to do something to help, to give care, comfort, love and support to not just the child but to their family. This starting point has been our inspiration for many other projects since and will continue to be so.”



How many Volunteers do you have working on your projects?


“This is impossible to know as we have no formal membership although we have over 6000 followers on Facebook and are also on Instagram and Twitter. We do have a lot of crafting groups (such as Knit and Natter, Schools, Work based groups, Care homes) supporting us too, mostly based in the UK, but also in Europe, America, Ireland and Australia. Our project making blankets for looked after children has inspired many new volunteers to join us.”



Why did you choose to make blankets for CFT?


“Initially through a personal contact, and then being inspired by the incredible work you do; it resonated with us, and we loved the idea too that we could make something permanent for the children. Quite simply it was the idea that we could help the children and the CFT in a positive way.  We called the project ‘Snugs’ – a hope that the name would reflect the cosy and comforting effect of the blankets.”


“We are in awe of what you are doing and would love to help as many of your children as possible.”


On average, how long does a blanket take to make?


“This is an interesting one! Hours and hours would be the short answer. It personally takes around two hours to make a 12 inch square and each blanket would have 20. Then squares need joining and edging. But we love making and so it is time very happily spent. Some crafters will send one 12 or 6 inch square, others make a whole blanket from scratch. It really does depend on how much time one has to offer; this is the joy of making blankets comprised of squares. We set a yarn type and colour palette to ensure all fit together harmoniously.”


Do you have any other comments that you wish to make?

“All are welcome to join us, and such is the joy of social media, if anyone is inspired, find us on www.woollyhugs.org


We believe Woolly Hugs is a very supportive and nurturing place to be, plus all that is fabulous about working together for common goals.


There is an enormous amount of research into how crafting like this helps support and enhance the lives of the crafter too. People can get very isolated geographically but also due to ill health, disability or advancing age. Being able to use social media, no one need be isolated and excluded for any reason, folk can be anywhere and still play an equal part or just be interested. A central aim for us has always been to be inclusive, so everyone can join us if they would like, and some just wouldn’t be able to afford to without the support of resources from our wonderful donors and fundraising. If anyone would help like this, come and chat to us. We welcome all levels of ability from those just beginning to those much more experienced.   The sense of a community is something greatly important to us, it is our aim to make all feel welcome.”


As you can see from some of the truly amazing pictures that we have, these blankets are beautifully made and take a considerable amount of time to complete. We would like to thank Woolly Hugs and all the members of the online community who have taken the time to make these warming creations for us and thank them for all their hard work.


If you would like to read more about Woolly Hugs projects, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook. If any of our supporters are keen craftsmen and would like to get involved in this project, please feel free to contact the organisation for more information.


Once again, thank you to Woolly Hugs, we look forward to seeing the next lot of blankets!


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  1. Hi Amanda. It’s great to hear you want to get involved. We would suggest getting in touch directly with Woolly Hugs to join their community of knitters. Their website can be found here: https://www.woollyhugs.org/ – we hope this helps! Take Care & stay safe – Jessica 🙂

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