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Warm Heart during a cold summer…

Amazing child alert!

Maisie Staves age 8, who lives with her parents who foster in the Midlands, recently commented on how cold the British Summer has been and how she felt ‘devastated’ to think that there were people living on the streets who might be cold through the summer nights.

Maisie decided in that moment that she wanted to do something to help and decided to hold small stall in her driveway to try and raise money for the homeless and support local cause ‘Leslie’s Care Packages’. Maisie, along with the support of her mother Karen, sold a few bits she had at home and started a ‘Lucky Dip Raffle’.

Maisie managed to collect donations for her efforts and word quickly spread in the local community gaining more donations, the support of a local business and recognition from the local counsellor who was greeted by some questions from Maisie about how what he could do to help the homeless!

So far Maisie has managed to raise over £125 and has been out shopping to buy sleeping bags, socks and rucksacks to help the homeless. She has more money left to spend and is pondering whether that will be on a tent for 1 person or care packages for several. Karen has said “We will help her with that big decision and hand over the stuff to Leslie’s care packages for the homeless by the end of this week”.

We would like to say a huge well done to Maisie for her continued efforts in helping those less fortunate and would like to encourage anyone who thinks they may be able to help in Maisie’s efforts to contact us. If you have any spare equipment that could be of use to a homeless person, or are willing to make a small donation to the cause, please contact the office who will be happy to point you in the right direction. Anything from a sleeping bag to toiletries and food are much needed and can make all the difference!  If you want to read more about the cause Maisie is working so hard for – you can visit their website here: https://www.lesliescarepackages.org/

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