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Towergate Insurance Awards for Excellence in Care

At The CFT we pride ourselves on having some of the best Foster Carers in the country… and we are absolutely thrilled when our Carers are recognised by outside parties for their hard work and contributions to fostering.

In March 2017, we were notified that our Foster Carers, Clare & Mike Eynon – had been shortlisted to be finalists for the ‘Fostering Contribution of the Year’ award, awarded by Towergate Insurance.

Clare & Mike were invited to attend the awards ceremony at The Dorchester in London on March 23rd 2017, along with the registered manager for their CFT fostering region, Jayne Figgett.
The Towergate awards are an opportunity for people from all across the care community to come together and celebrate the very in care excellence. Towergate Insurance present a number of different awards to people from all areas of the care sector, including Therapists, Volunteers, Education Workers and Young People.

Clare and Mike had been shortlisted to receive the award in the ‘Fostering contribution of the year’ category due to their continued outstanding commitment to fostering, including their devotion to young parents who need support in learning how to care for their children and become well equipped parents. In addition to this, they were also recognised for their strength and dedication to fostering following a tragic experience in which a young child placed with them sadly passed away due to severe disability and illness.

Unfortunately, Clare & Mike were not chosen as the winners of this category, however were still given an honourable mention, as well as receiving a certificate and some Red Letter Days vouchers in recognition of their nomination – an excellent achievement in itself!

Jayne Figgett, Midlands registered manager had this to say about the day:
“It was a humbling experience to spend the day with so many committed and caring people who are selfless in their actions.  Although Clare and Mick did not win their category, they were recognised for their hard work and commitment to all the mothers and children they have had placed with them.

Denise Van Outen read out their experiences with Ajay and commended their commitment and strength at such a difficult time.  They both received a red letter voucher to spend on themselves.

The Dorchester was a lovely hotel and the service was excellent. We enjoyed wine and a 3 course meal and felt quite spoilt for the day.”

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the Towergate awards for recognising these incredible carers and would like to thank everyone involved in organising this fantastic day.

You can read the full story about the Towergate Insurance Awards including the stories of all the winners on their website: https://www.towergateinsurance.co.uk/care-medical-insurance/care-awards

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