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Summer in the South!

Each year at The CFT our regional offices run events to bring together our Foster Families and all of our children. It’s a brilliant opportunity to get together, catch up and make new friends.

This year our South Central carried on in true CFT style and held two very successful summer events!

On the 28th July, the young people from the region visited Woodmill Activity Centre in Southampton to complete a day of canoeing and kayaking. Keeping in tradition with the British Summertime, the weather was quite cold and rainy, so all the young people dressed up in lots of warm wetsuits and jackets. All the young people tried their hand at both canoeing and kayaking and despite the cold did well in managing the full 3 hours on the lake.

The canoeing and kayaking sessions gave all the young people time to get to know one another and work as a team, as well as developing their outdoor water sport skills. For some young people, this was their first opportunity to take part in this type of activity and everyone did brilliantly well.

The young people took part in canoe and kayak races, group games and everyone loved splashing each other and getting completely soaked. At the end of the session, some very brave young people even jumped into the lake.

We would like to give a special mention to Foster Carer Karen Gilbert who volunteered to help the staff team out for the day, helping to make the day a roaring success!


On the 17th August, our South CFT Families attended a Summer BBQ at Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Petersfield. At the start of the day the weather looked like it was going to disappoint, but by 12pm the sun was shining and the BBQ was lit. Everyone enjoyed the big outdoor space, exploring the forest, playing football and tackling the adventure trail.

After a burger or two, all the children and young people took part in a scavenger hunt and collected lots of items from around the park, including dandelions, acorns and pine cones. Everyone did well to find a lot of the items on their hunt and Chase age 6 was our successful winner, finding 19 of the 20 items on his list.

A big well done to Chase for being such an amazing little explorer and a huge thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Events!

If you would like to find out when your next regional event is, please visit the events calendar on our website.

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