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New Face… Same Values

Here at The Children’s Family Trust we are very excited to announce the launch of our new branding!

In 2016 it was decided that the organisation would undergo a ‘rebranding’ exercise, following market research about the ways in which the public interpreted our logo and strapline.


The purpose of the re-brand was to more accurately reflect the work we do as an organisation and make us more easily identifiable as a children’s charity to the public.


Since we began in 1945, the organisation has had lots of different logos and straplines, but the ethos and mission of the charity has always stayed the same: to provide children with a loving and stable home and to provide support to them for as long as they need it. Primarily a Christian based organisation, many of our logos, including our most recent one have had slight religious connotations. You can see copies of all our previous logo’s displayed right.


Moving forward, we wanted to ‘neutralise’ our logo to be more inclusive to all members of the public and felt that the addition of children was more indicative of the work our charity undertakes. In addition to this, we felt that changing the strapline meant that we were not only able to have a play on words for our organisation name (C.F.T), but we could also project what our charity sets out to achieve for children in ‘Changing Futures Together’. Although we have changed the main ‘identity’ of our brand, we have still kept our long-standing corporate colours in orange and blue and our organisational values have remained the same.

The rebrand has seen the creation of more up to date information for prospective carers, new promotional items and a new website among many other things.

Overall we are very happy with the way our new branding has turned out and hope that you will embrace our new image! We would like to thank everyone for their hard work in helping with this transition and hope that all supporters of the organisation will spread the word of our new brand, helping us reach new audiences and allowing us to continue recruiting foster carers who can help us continue Changing Futures Together.



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