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Meet the Team- Rurkinder

Please join us in welcoming Rurkinder Sidhu as our Principal Social Worker in our West Midlands Region. Rurkinder is joining us with a comprehensive experience in Fostering and is excited to join The CFT family.

Rurkinder has over twenty years of experience in a variety of social work roles and before joining our West Midlands region she was working at Barnardo’s – another not for profit fostering agency. Prior to her career in Social Work, Rurkinder worked with young people in from disadvantages backgrounds, and also carried out various community education roles.

We took some time to sit with Rurkinder to learn more about her and her experience of The CFT so far…

Tell us something about yourself Rurkinder?

 “Hi, I am Rurkinder Sidhu. I am the Principal Social Worker for the West Midland. I started my career with Barnardo’s Charity where I worked with children who found it challenging to attend mainstream schools. I was working in this role for around 6 months before a vacancy came in the fostering team, and basically, that’s it! I have been working in fostering ever since! I always knew I wanted to do something to help people, so social work seemed to be just the right profession for me. Outside of work, I am a mother of three young children. I am a very creative person and love to keep myself busy with different things. Currently, I am editing my first book which I hope to publish this year. I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and I am hoping to get registered in February 2021 so that I can start practicing. Apart from this, I like cooking quick and easy dishes and I am lucky that my mother-in-law lives with us, as she prepares all the delicious Indian food.”

What inspired you to pursue the career you have today? What motivates you at work?

 “I have always liked to help people. One of the things I enjoyed doing before I was a social worker was making a difference in people’s life through youth work social work and charity work. I came into social work thinking – ‘what I do and don’t do is going to affect someone’s life, so I should feel comfortable that I have done everything that I possibly can’. I worked in Barnardos adoption and fostering team and found out that some of the children that I placed have grown into adults and things have worked out really well for them, that is what really motivates and inspires me.”

What attracted you to the role at The CFT?

 “I had never heard of The CFT before applying for this role, however how I came to find out about the organisation is a bit of an interesting story. I had seen something on the news about attacks in Afghanistan where the maternity ward was unfortunately affected. There were a number of new-born babies who had sadly lost their mothers, and this really upset me and prompted me to call a national adoption agency. After that call, I decided that I would look into getting back into social work. While I was researching for an adoption social worker role, I came across The CFT. I was impressed by the website, and the charity status really attracted me to apply.  As the years have passed me by, I have started feeling uncomfortable with working in businesses that make a profit from the young people who are in care, So CFT appealed to me because their ethos is all about the children and the fostering families, rather than making money.” 

What do you like so far about the organisation?

“I think one of the things that I really like is the fact that it is driven by young people. During my interview, young people who are looked after by The CFT sat on the interview panel, and I found that a really positive experience. But I also have to say from the minute I joined everybody has been lovely, the whole organisation has been full of charming people and I think that’s what we need to drive ourselves. My interview was with Joe, Marina, and Vicky and the interview itself really made me feel at ease and welcome. I also love the fact that our offices are full of drawings made by lots of our children, and the things like that really stand out because our children are part of everything we do.”

What area of the company would you like to learn more about?

“Maybe the marketing or the advertising, because I was involved in all these things in my last organisation. I was a bit of a jack of all trades. I also like organising events, and, in the past, I have organised an event for charity. I am looking forward to helping and sharing some of my experiences as I settle into the role.”

What skill do you think everyone should learn?

“I would say the ability to treat people fairly and equally and to treat people with respect. I also think how you speak to people is really important – the words you choose and the language we use. It is also essential to have practical experiences of working in different areas that enhance your learning and understanding.”

What do you hope to achieve during your first year with the organisation?

 “I think assisting Joe in management-related tasks is probably one of the main areas which I think of. I would also like to contribute ideas to enhance and improve the organisation, and I would like to show more of my creative side!

We hope that you will all join us in welcoming Rurkinder to The CFT family and wishing her the best of luck in her role! We would like to thank Rurkinder for taking the time to sit down with us and are excited to see what creative thoughts she brings to the team!