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Keeping Safe Online – Snapchat Update

 Instructions for turning on ‘Ghost Mode’ on ‘Snap Map’- Snapchat

‘Ghost mode’ is the privacy setting for remaining invisible on Snapchats new feature, ‘Snap Map’, which shares a user’s location with their Snapchat friends. The map is currently very specific showing the exact street a person is on and making them easily identifiable with personalized ‘Bitmoji’s’ (avatars). We strongly advise that as a safety precaution, users switch into ‘Ghost Mode’ to keep their location private, or at the very least perform a thorough check of their friends on Snapchat to ensure that they are only connected with friends that they would feel happy knowing their location at all times.

Switching into ‘Ghost Mode’

*To access Snap Map open Snapchat and go to your camera screen, pinch the screen or do a zoom out finger motion on the screen and the Snap Map will open.

*A map should open with your location in the center, you can use your fingers to scroll in and out to see more or less of the map. A map like this should be displayed with your ‘Bitmoji’ on screen, along with other Bitmoji’s of snapchat friends who have chosen to share their location:

*Click on ‘Settings’ at the top right of the map to switch into ‘Ghost Mode’.

*Tick the box next to ‘Ghost Mode’ to make your location private.

*When you return to the Snap Map main screen, you will know you are in ghost mode as your Bitmoji will be covered with the Snapchat symbol (below). You will remain permanently in Ghost Mode until you choose to make your location visible by unticking the box above. Whilst you are in ghost mode, you can still see the whereabouts of friends who have chosen to remain visible by not switching into ‘Ghost Mode’.

If you need further assistance on how the change the privacy settings on Snapchat, please contact your local office.

If you have any other safety information that you feel may be of use to other Carers to help keep children and young people safe, please contact us by using the form on this website or calling 01527 574446.