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A Christmas Message from our CEO!


Well, we’ve finally arrived at the end of 2020! And what a year it’s been for all of us in so many different ways.

The beginning of 2020 brought so much hope and lots of plans for what was going to be a very exciting 75th year for the CFT. But as the pandemic took hold our plans took a different direction. And as the year progressed, we all had to learn very quickly how to adjust, adapt and change our plans in an instant, and we did and have, albeit at considerable cost to each and every one. And this is what I want to thank you all for.

Throughout this unprecedented year of lockdowns, restrictions, and change I have experienced first hand the amazing commitment, hard work and ingenuity of our Carers and staff. Our regional Facebook pages have brought a smile to my face on countless occasions and left me in awe of the creativity of our Carers in keeping children entertained and engaged throughout months of restrictions and lockdowns, quite amazing!

Our wonderful staff have worked tirelessly throughout this year to ensure our children and Carers have been well supported, for the most this was carried out virtually! Yet another change for all of us, but we rose to the challenge and have now been fully operational ‘virtually’ for many months. Our panels were very quickly moved to a ‘virtual platform’ with a great deal of help, support and input from our management team and panel members, this has been very successful and as a result we have continued to recruit some great new Carers in all regions, so once again thank you to all.

Our Head Office team have been quietly working behind the scenes to ensure all regions have the necessary support, equipment and information to keep us all ticking over throughout this very challenging year. In December, our West Midlands region we were visited by Ofsted and inspected under the new ‘amended regulations’. We were given no notice whatsoever of the visit! However, I’m very pleased to say the outcome was excellent and the feedback regarding the quality of our support, the calibre of our staff, the warm and nurturing approach of our Carers and the stability of our placements were judged as second to none! Quite an achievement given the conditions under which we have all been operating this year.

I’ve also been incredibly saddened to learn of the number of loved ones our staff and Carers have lost this year and the heartache and pain that goes with such loss. I know that many individuals have also suffered as a result of the isolation and loneliness that lockdown inevitably created for many. And often Christmas simply magnifies all of this and more. I sincerely hope all of you know I think of you often and remain eternally grateful for all the love you so readily and generously share, for your enormous kindness, and last but not least your commitment and passion for all that is The Children’s Family Trust.

Merry Christmas one and all.

My warmest wishes and gratitude,

Marina Mulholland​