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Transferring Foster Agency (To The CFT)

From time to time we are contacted by existing Foster Carers from other agencies thinking of transferring foster agency (To The Children’s Family Trust). This may be because of concerns with their current agency or because they have decided that The CFT will provide them with a more supportive and financially beneficial package. It is a big decision if you decide to transfer foster agency. We can support you, each step of the way when transferring foster agency.

Transferring Your Foster Agency

A protocol for the transfer of Foster Carers has been developed and approved by the Fostering Network in conjunction with the joint forum of independent fostering providers and the ADCS (The Association of Directors of Children’s Services). It recommends the good practice guidelines to be followed when a Foster Carer wishes to transfer from one fostering service to another in England and Wales.

It is governed by core principles including:

The protocol recognises the principles of childcare legislation and seeks to ensure that safeguarding the welfare of children is at the core of fostering policy and practice. It recognises that the welfare of any child in placement is paramount.

It recognises that Foster Carers have the right of freedom of movement between fostering services.

It recognises that all fostering services should be committed to increasing the overall pool of Foster Carers by the active recruitment of people new to fostering.

The Children’s Family Trust fully supports the principles of this protocol and will always follow the relevant procedures when receiving any request from existing Foster Carers who wish to transfer to The CFT.

To read The Fostering Network Transfer Protocol Document, click here.

Why Should Foster Parents Transfer to The CFT?

We pride ourselves on being one of the most supportive independent foster agencies in the country. For more information on how we work with our foster parents, please visit our page Why Choose the CFT.

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