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Our Assessment Process

Once you’ve decided that fostering is the right role for you, you will need to make an official enquiry to begin the Fostering Assessment process. All prospective carers have to go through this process regardless of who they foster for.

As stated elsewhere on our website, the Fostering role can often be quite a demanding one so we also need to make sure that our Foster Carers are reasonably fit, healthy and emotionally available to be able to respond to the needs of a child. The assessment process allows applicants to explore in more depth role and expectations of a Foster Carer and also gives our organisation the opportunity to establish that applicants truly have the skills, understanding and dedication it takes to foster.

The Assessment Process can often be daunting and applicants should be mindful that we will need them to speak openly and honestly about their past and present lives. Most people find the assessment process to be very enjoyable and state that they enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on their past lives and take time to consider how they got to the point of wanting to become a foster carer. The Assessment Process generally takes around 6 months and you will be assigned an Assessing Social Worker who will work with you complete the form-f assessment, which is required to become a Foster Carer.

You can read more about each stage of the Fostering Assessment below.

Stage One: Initial Enquiry
The fostering journey begins by making an Initial Enquiry. This can be done by contacting The CFT online, via email, through social media or by calling our Enquiry Line on 0300 111 1945. This is an opportunity for prospective applicants to find out more about fostering, The CFT and to ask any further questions. At this point we will also arrange for an Information Pack to be sent out to you.
Stage Two: Initial Home Visit
After having had time to consider the information available to you, contact will be made to see if you want to progress with your enquiries. It is at this point that an Initial Home Visit can be arranged. A Registered Manager will come and visit you. This is a further opportunity to ask any questions you may have prior to making a decision as to whether you want to foster and indeed whether CFT is the right agency for you.
Stage Three: Application
Once you have made the decision to foster, you will need to complete our simple Foster Carer Application form. We will use the information you provide to carry out a range of checks and references. These will include an enhanced Criminal Record Check and a medical with your GP. Additionally you will be allocated your own Assessing Social Worker who will work with you to complete your assessment.
Stage Four: Training
As part of your assessment you will need to attend our Skills to Foster course, which usually runs over a weekend. On the Skills to Foster course you will have an opportunity to meet other prospective and current Foster Carers and learn about Fostering for The Trust, Professional Team membership & Caring for children who may have suffered abuse or trauma.
Stage Five: Foster Panel Report (Form F) and Review
The Fostering Assessment is more commonly known within fostering agencies as the ‘Form F Assessment’. The CFT follows the 2 stage process in completing Assessments. During these stages different checks are undertaken and if you pass Stage 1 of the assessment checks, you will then move onto Stage 2. All prospective Foster Carers need to go through this process whoever they choose to foster for. Applicants will then have the opportunity to review and approve their own report that has been completed by their Assessing Social Worker before it is sent out to our panel members. Your application is then reviewed at the panel meeting with the Trust’s Fostering Panel, where they will view all the information presented to them and meet with you to ask any additional questions they may have. Following this The CFT’s Fostering Panel makes its recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker regarding whether they feel you should be approved as a Foster Carer.
Stage Six: Agency Decision Makers Final Approval
The recommendation of the panel is then sent to our Agency Decision Maker (ADM) who takes into account all the information received before making a final decision regarding your approval. The ADM will then write to you in person to inform you of their decision.

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