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What is a Foster Carer Allowance?

A foster care allowance is an amount of money paid by The Children’s Family Trust to cover the essential costs of looking after foster children. 

How much is a foster carer allowance?

You will receive a weekly foster care allowance for each child placed in your care.

We cannot tell you exactly how much foster parent allowance you will receive until you’ve started the fostering assessment process and have taken the first steps on your journey to being a great foster parent.

Our current weekly fee is in excess of £420 per week, per child – the amount that you receive will depend on various terms & conditions. The CFT offers some of the best ‘terms & conditions’ for Foster Carers in the UK. Unlike some other agencies, we do not reduce weekly payments with regard to the age of a child, as such our Carers receive exactly the same weekly fee regardless of the child’s age. 

Will I pay tax on a foster carer allowance?

It is the responsibility of the Foster Carer to ensure that they are registered as self-employed and to arrange for their National Insurance contributions to be met. It is also the responsibility of the Foster Carer to ensure that they complete an annual tax assessment if required. The Inland Revenue operates a favourable tax regime for Foster Carers, details of which are available from the Inland Revenue directly or the Fostering Network.

It is dependent on your personal situation, so if you are interested in making  a huge difference to child’s life by fostering, get in touch with us today and we will talk you through everything.

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“A Foster carers role is extremely hard work, but hugely rewarding. It’s a very slow process to gently piece together and repair the experiences of the child’s life and story, but to see and reflect on the huge changes they make, self belief and confidence they gain give you a fantastic feeling of great job satisfaction.”

Janette – Foster Carer


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